Privacy Policy


Our ultimate goal is that you enjoy using our apps.

At various points, the handling of personal data is required. We collect as little personal information as possible. In this privacy policy, we describe to you the purposes for which we collect personal information, what data it is and how we handle it.

Personal data is any information that relates to an identified or identifiable natural person. Anonymized or statistical data that can not be related to a person is not personal information.


These data protection regulations apply to the apps, online services and internet offers offered by Isar Interactive GmbH & Co. KG.

Contact Person

Isar Interactive GmbH & Co. KG is responsible for the collection and use of your personal data in the sense of the Federal Data Protection Act. For information and requests reach us by post and online:

Isar Interactive GmbH & Co. KG
Wolfzorner Str. 35
82041 Oberhaching

For what purposes are we collecting data?

We or our affiliates collect data for the following purposes:

Download, purchases and in-app purchases

In our apps, we do not collect personal information related to the purchase or download of apps through an app store. This data, in particular electronic payment processing data, will only be collected directly by the relevant app store. Please note the privacy statements when using the stores:

The legal basis of data processing is the fulfilment of the End User License Agreement with the respective app store.

How can you delete your data? Contact the store where you have downloaded or purchased an app.

Customer Service

You can send us messages on topics such as errors, questions, praise or other constructive feedback. This can be done in various ways, for example by direct email or by email, which is initiated via the contact function from our apps or via the contact form on our website, as well as Facebook posts on our Facebook pages.

Please keep in mind that we can not answer you without you providing your email address. Additional information, such as your name or address, will be provided by you unsolicited, it is not used for processing your request.

We use this data provided by you for the purpose of troubleshooting, to improve our apps, to process the contract concluded with you, or to answer your request. We may ask for additional information when needed to respond to your request.

In order for us to answer your requests, we store and process your messages. We archive this data to contact you purposefully, for example in case of a product update with bug fixes for the problem you reported.

The legal basis of the processing is your request, possibly our obligation to fulfill the End User License Agreement, and possibly the contract for the use of our online offers, to enable a flawless use of our offers, as well as our legitimate interest in continuously improving our offers.

Your messages are stored in a third-party system (Zendesk). Please note their privacy policy:

How can you delete your data? If you want us to delete your messages, please send us a message via one of the communication channels offered by us.

Offline usage

The offline use of our apps takes place without identification of the user. All game results are stored only locally on your device.

How can you delete your data? By deleting the app, all user data and game results are irretrievably lost.

User profile in the online game

For the use of our online games server, it is technically necessary that we identify users uniquely, for example, to assign match results to a user profile, to continue a game after a break in the connection, and to determine the duration of a subscription completed through in-app purchases. The data you enter (profile, friends, game history, in-app purchases) is stored on a server within the EU.

Legal basis is the fulfilment of the contract for the use of our online offers.

We apply the "privacy by design" principle: we collect no data for identification of the natural person such as name or email address. We minimize the identification to a pseudonymized device ID. Depending on the device, a device ID will be used to identify the user when the app is launched again.

Please note: The device ID is usually lost when you reinstall the app and, of course, when you change the device. In this case, your data is irretrievably lost.

Further technical measures: The communication between app and server is encrypted (SSL). No passwords are stored on the server. The server is protected against unauthorized data access based on the state-of-the-art.

You can specify a player name and use a user picture (opt-in). The player name you entered, as well as a user picture provided by you, are publicly visible to other participants of the online game server. We recommend that you use a pseudonym as the name in the user profile for the online game server and to use a user picture that has no relation to natural persons.

How can you delete your data? In the app, go to the "Profile" page. There is an action "Delete Online Profile". This will delete all personal data in your profile from our server. Please note that the action is executed immediately on the server and therefore not reversible.

Login to the online game

To log in to our online games server, you can use an external authentication mechanism that we have integrated, such as Apple Game Center or Google Login (opt-in). This allows us to provide you with your user data (profile, friends, game history) regardless of the used device. The prerequisite is that you already have a user account with one of these providers. If you log in to our app via one of these providers, our app will gain access to your public profile.

The legal basis is your consent through the active selection of an external authentication mechanism.

We apply the "privacy by design" principle: In our apps, passwords of these external providers are not generated, transmitted or stored. This is done directly by these third party providers.
We use only the authentication mechanism. We do not query any further data from your profile (like name, friends, etc.).

Please note their privacy statements when using these providers:

How can you revoke the link? You can revoke the link at any time in the settings of the provider of the external authentication mechanism.

Chat with other players in the online game

Messages that you send in the online game are only visible to the participants in the active game table.
We reserve the right to temporarily log chat messages on the online game server to prevent inappropriate communication, e.g. to respond with a justified blocking of the user account. Of course, we treat chat data confidentially and pass it on only in legally required or justified exceptional cases.

Legal basis is the preservation of the legitimate interest of our company to defend against inappropriate or illegal communication when using our products or services.

How can you delete your data? Chat messages are not stored permanently. We only keep protocols in a justified individual case and only as long as necessary to enforce our legal rights.

Sharing content

We allow you to invite friends to the online game and to notify third parties, for example by e-mail or in social networks, of your success (opt-in). By clicking on the Send action in our app, data in text form will be exported to an app of your choice, e.g. an email program.

The legal basis is your consent to export the data by actively selecting an export option (opt-in).

We apply the "privacy by design" principle: you have full control over your data as part of the features of the app of your choice. With an e-mail program, you can transfer the text that we have exported, for example review and edit before sending it. The transfer to the selected recipients takes place solely by you, outside of our app. We do not obtain access to information about the recipients.

How can you delete your data? The exported data in text form is not stored by us.


We offer to notify you through push messages about new friendship invitations and game tables that your friends have invited you to. In order to use this service, you must confirm a request by the app or activate it in the settings of your device (opt-in). We then save a push token on our online game server. This token is required to send the push message to your device via Apple or Google.

The legal basis is your informed consent (opt-in) for notification by push message.

Technical measures: All communication for push messages is encrypted via SSL.

How can you revoke the link? You can revoke the link at any time in the system settings of your operating system.


We offer various apps free of charge for end users, that are financed by advertisements in the app. The advertisements are an integral part of the product.

We use pseudonymized device identifiers in these apps to optimize and personalize advertisements for you. We inform you know about this in the app before you can start using the app.

We transmit these identifiers, among other information about your device, to our partners for the purpose of advertising and analysis. Our partners may combine this information with other information that you have provided to them, or that they may have collected when you use the services.

Legal basis is your informed consent in the form of your active confirmation that you have taken note of this information.

You can disable the device generated advertising ID on your device. As a result, you will see no less advertising, but then the ads will be less based on your usage and likely less relevant to you.

To disable the advertising ID on your device, go to Settings / Privacy for iOS devices (Apple), select "Advertising" and enable "No Ad Tracking". For Android devices, go to Settings / Account / Google / Ads and enable "Disable related ads".

How can you delete your data? If you want us to delete your data, please send us a message via one of the communication channels offered by us.

Bug Reports

We appreciate your support for improving our apps. You can send us a message from within the app via the action "Report game logic bug" to report logic errors of the app. In this case, the app will create an email with information relevant for processing, such as the current game list.

Legal basis is your active sending of an error message.

We use the information you provide solely for the purpose of troubleshooting and to improve our apps. If you have provided an email address, we may use it for any questions we may have about the problem you have reported.

We apply the "privacy by design" principle: You can review the content of the message before sending the email.

How can you delete your data? If you want us to delete your error reports, please send us a message via one of the communication channels offered by us.

Operation, security, quality assurance and improvement

For the purpose of providing, operating, maintaining our products and services, for quality ensurance, security, to optimize and improve our offerings and to develop new offerings, we collect pseudonymised usage data in the technical systems used to operate our offerings. Any personal data, such as IP addresses which, for technical reasons may be included in, e.g., log files, are not evaluated unless they are required to solve a specific technical problem.

Legal basis is our obligation to fulfill the End User License Agreement and, if applicable, the contract for the use of our online offers to enable a flawless use of our offers, as well as our legitimate interest in ensuring the quality of our offers and to continuously optimize and improve our offers.

For this we collect the following data:

  • (a) In our apps: Pseudonymized data on frequency of use and duration, game results, active app settings, etc. This data is logged by third-party vendors such as Apple, Google, and Flurry, and is accumulated for statistical evaluation and anonymized. The accumulated data can not be traced to a person any more.
    If one of our apps crashes, it sends us an error log provided by the respective operating system, only if you allow this in the settings of your operating system (opt-in).
  • (b) Online Game Server: Access to our online game server is logged in log files.
  • (c) Website: Data on frequency of use and duration. This data is anonymised. In particular, no device identifiers or IP numbers are stored. It is not possible to assign the data to a person. We do not use advertising services on our website. We do not use Google Analytics. We do not set Cookies.
  • (d) Internet Service Provider: Log files of Internet Service Providers log access to their systems.

App permissions

To accomplish the above purposes, our apps require the following permissions. Your operating system informs you about which permissions are active.

  • TCP/IP network connections to the Internet (INTERNET)
  • Android only: Verify if the app has been legally downloaded from the Play Store (
  • Android only: Check if a network connection is possible (ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE)
  • Android only: Storing user images (WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE)
  • Android versions with advertisements only: For targeted advertising, access to WiFi status (ACCESS_WIFI_STATE)
  • Voluntary (opt-in): access the camera or your photo library to capture or select a user picture. Access is only for this purpose. (A request appears before the access that you can deny.)
  • Voluntary, iOS-versions with advertisements only (opt-in): access to the calendar to provide targeted advertising. (Before the access appears a request that you can deny)

How can you revoke a permission? You can revoke opt-in permissions at any time in the system settings of your operating system.

Data transmission to partners

We only pass on your data to our partners for the purpose stated. We, as well as our partners, treat your personal data confidentially and in accordance with the statutory data protection regulations.

We try to store your data preferably within the EU. Many of our partner companies are from the USA. These partners either operate data centers in the EU or they meet the requirements of the standard contractual clauses (SCCs) for data transfers between EU and non-EU countries by the European Commission.

Your rights

You have a right to information about your personal data. You also have the right of rectification or deletion or limitation of processing, as well as the right to object to processing and the right to data portability.
You can revoke your consent to data processing at any time.

Furthermore, you have a right of appeal to the competent supervisory authority.

If you have any questions, please contact us via one of the communication channels offered by us.

As of: May 15, 2023.